Dining furniture and lights

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rustic modern dining table rustic white furniture and white pendant light
Rustic dining furniture.Above 2 photos via: style-files.com
special chairs design
Simple modern light and unique chairs design. designsponge
dining room furniture and lights
Modern lights, natural wood table. Via: europaconcorsi.com

Inspiration: black and wood

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black and wood
Black and wood, rustic, handmade, natural. Pinterest

Christmas tabletop: Amazing Pink!

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pink decor for Christmas

pink table setting

amazing color for Christmas
Fantastic color, it is deeply inspired me! White is always my favorite color, Now, I like pink! Thanks! Coco+Kelley

Two rustic bright work spaces design

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black rustic table for workspace
Rustic black desk for white space decor, rustic table lamp, beautiful work space design.

dark color table and white chairs
Dark color table and white chairs, bright home office, love the green plants outside the window, relaxed! Photos found on http://style-files.com

Amazing wall decor for kids room

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walls and storage for kids
What an smart idea for the walls! The green and the house shelving is amazing! So cute! flickr

Antique blue cabinets

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old antique cupboard
Antique, rustic, old…tinaschoices.tumblr.com
antique blue cupboard

Stunning Antique blue cabinet. Flickr

antique rustic blue cupboard glass door

Fabulous teal cabinet, antique blue cabinet with glass doors.Flickr
blue table
Entry, Beautiful! classiccasualhome.com