Amazing modern rustic studio apartment

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wall art
Work space & bedroom. Industrial, vintage and rustic!
bedroom with a work space dark color contrast white
Oh, What a lucky day I found this! This studio apartment in Fitzroy is amazing!
open shelving
Open shelving for bottles and cups.
small country kitchen
What a cute rustic kitchen.
vintage cupboard
The antique cupboard in the bedroom is so rustic, the black sofa is indispensable for the style. Love them! The amazing white room, created by Lynda Gardener, photos by Lisa Cohen via est magazine, and I found it on dustjacket-attic, thanks, it is a dream space for me.

Industrial & vintage inspired spaces

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Love these designs!
dining space with book shelving, exposed wall
White painted brick walls, large table for dining space, cool industrial-inspired dining room
wonderful space for read
vintage and luxury
Luxurious inspiring decor, love old fashion. bloodandchampagne

Vintage style old world rooms

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Rustic, vintage, old world rooms.
white washed wall vintage style
farmhouse dining space
Old world dining furniture.
old world style french country bedroom
French country bedroom. Charming severe wear sofas.
living room table
Lvining room. Photos: MANOLO YLLERA

Blue Doors

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blue door

old door old stone

Old door in Thabit al Kalb, Al Mahdiyah, Tunisia flickr
amazing slim door
Volterra door ~ Tuscany, Italy pbase
blue rustic wood door
Corsica, France flickr
antique blue door
amazing blue door
Nordleda, Lower Saxony, Germany. flickr
fading blue door
old world blue door
unique wood door Mexican
blue doors, unique designs, charming old world things.

Blue doors

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old blue door
A Santa Fe old traditional blue door. fineartamerica
old world vintage door
Viviers, Ardèche, France. Old world, vintage
stone and blue door
Old world, rustic, stone, blue door. sabonhomeblog
blue and gold door
Wroclaw, Poland, blue doors with golden decoration. flickr
blue metal door
Wroclaw, Poland, blue metal door. flickr
blue and wood door

Santa Fe, New Mexico. Blue and wood. flickr

Blue Antique Mexico Door

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blue antique door
Mexico antique Door.Bright blue. antoniorambles
amazing blue door and red brick stair
mexico door
antique door beautiful blue
bright blue door
Antique, blue, Mexico, beautiful doors.