Book shelves for kids

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book shelf for kids
How to build this, I wanner one! It is wonderful for kids to find a book.
Or like this!
book shelving

Living room gallery wall

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Abstract Art for modern living room
Abstract arts on walls
living room sofa bulb and walls
green walls and beautiful arts
modern traditional living room beautiful wall arts
Gallery Walls, wall art
Living room arts walls, beautiful! Via: pinterest

Charming rooms in white and blue

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french country style blue and white
white blue and golden
awesome living room in blue and white
white and blue bedroom
2 photos above via classiccasualhome
french country style white bedroom

French country style rooms design, awesome white and blue colors!

Blue doors

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old blue door
A Santa Fe old traditional blue door. fineartamerica
old world vintage door
Viviers, Ardèche, France. Old world, vintage
stone and blue door
Old world, rustic, stone, blue door. sabonhomeblog
blue and gold door
Wroclaw, Poland, blue doors with golden decoration. flickr
blue metal door
Wroclaw, Poland, blue metal door. flickr
blue and wood door

Santa Fe, New Mexico. Blue and wood. flickr

Add shelving for books along the top

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book shelf under ceiling
Books on the top! Creative design! desiretoinspire

Blue and white stylish living room

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blue and white color scheme for living room
Like blue and white porcelain, so bright, fresh and elegant living room.