Rustic & bohemian luxury design

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rustic bedroom
San Giorgio Hotel in Mykonos

San Giorgio Mykonos bohemian luxury design hotel
rustic antique furniture
San Giorgio Mykonos bohemian luxury design hotel. Via: myparadissi

Living room color Inspiration

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inspiration space blue and white
Love the blue and white, love all the items displayed in this pretty living room.  House of Honey

Chalkboard wall and bookcase wall

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chalkboard wall
Chalkboard wall, inspiration wall!

Bookcase embedded in the wall, a cozy study space.
Really really love these 2 rooms from David Tsay.

Inspiration boards

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Love the inspiration boards, I also have one like these, A bit messy but full of inspirations.
inspiration board

inspiration board in home office
inspiration board workspace
inspiration board in bedroom
inspiration board, photos
rustic inspiration board
inspiration board for work
inspiration board and chalkboard
mood board

Feminine Attic Pretty Decor

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attic decor
Pretty small attic white decor, feminine style, so sweet and stylish. Love the flower patterned wallpaper for bedroom, love the pure white environment with a few colorful items.

Family photo wall

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photo wall
A real photo wall, the family photos occupied the whole wall, full with love and memories. via: