Flowers for Interior Decor

December 6th, 2010 § 0 comments

Flowers will make your room feel fresh and vivid, both real and artificial flowers are all good for home decor. I found some photos with wonderful flower arrangements from desiretoinspire and elementsofstyleblog.

kitchen and dining place, artificial flowers for dining table

photo credit: Rachael Smith via desiretoinspire

Dining table flower arrangement.

modern design living room, transparent vase and purple flowers

photo credit: Mark Williams via desiretoinspire

beautiful flowers

plants in living room

center table flower arrangements

dining table flower arrangements

Above 4 photos: elementsofstyleblog


Janet Lohman

artificial flowers, dining room side Cabinet

House Beautiful

Orange tulips in blue bottle

Love the light pink!

antique style

Orange tulips in blue vase

Orange tulips, living room flower arrangement

Above 3 photos credit: via: desiretoinspire

Antique style

Flowers for Interior Decor

country style, flowers decoration

Above 2 photos credit: James Leland Day via desiretoinspire

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