Amazing modern rustic studio apartment

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wall art
Work space & bedroom. Industrial, vintage and rustic!
bedroom with a work space dark color contrast white
Oh, What a lucky day I found this! This studio apartment in Fitzroy is amazing!
open shelving
Open shelving for bottles and cups.
small country kitchen
What a cute rustic kitchen.
vintage cupboard
The antique cupboard in the bedroom is so rustic, the black sofa is indispensable for the style. Love them! The amazing white room, created by Lynda Gardener, photos by Lisa Cohen via est magazine, and I found it on dustjacket-attic, thanks, it is a dream space for me.


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Multi Platform Treehouse

tree house
A treehouse, a dream for my son, love it~

“Built by Foster Huntington and his friends in the Columbia Gorge (Washington State), it was a labor of love. And it’s really more like a duplex, with two separate buildings joined by a timber walkway. But the skate bowl is the thing – for serious boarders. For those who aren’t so inclined, the luxurious hot tub provides a totally acceptable retreat from the world of grinds and flips.” trendir

Black and white hexagonal pattern staircase

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unique black and white staircase
Black and white hexagonal pattern staircase. Unique! Via:

Amazing line arts by Okushita

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a line art
sitting boy

elephant and house

Angels and Demons






A swedish home office with beautiful antiques

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home office


Swidsh & industrial style room.

industrial study room


A swedish home office with beautiful antiques.,  photo by Carina Olander

White dining room

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modern dining room

Simple modern white room and black pendant lamp. HOUSE of PHILIA