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Multi Platform Treehouse

tree house
A treehouse, a dream for my son, love it~

“Built by Foster Huntington and his friends in the Columbia Gorge (Washington State), it was a labor of love. And it’s really more like a duplex, with two separate buildings joined by a timber walkway. But the skate bowl is the thing – for serious boarders. For those who aren’t so inclined, the luxurious hot tub provides a totally acceptable retreat from the world of grinds and flips.” trendir

Black and white hexagonal pattern staircase

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unique black and white staircase
Black and white hexagonal pattern staircase. Unique! Via:

Amazing line arts by Okushita

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a line art
sitting boy

elephant and house

Angels and Demons






A swedish home office with beautiful antiques

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home office


Swidsh & industrial style room.

industrial study room


A swedish home office with beautiful antiques.,  photo by Carina Olander

White dining room

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modern dining room

Simple modern white room and black pendant lamp. HOUSE of PHILIA

Amazing white dining room with venetian blinds

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white dining room
Love it all white design, what a bright and clean space! Happy dining and reading time!