Work space with black painted walls

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so modern walls, inspiring wall
So modern and inspiring black wall for workspace, and the wooden lamp is cute!
black wall with hanging papgers
Scandinavian style work space with black painted wall.
black painted wall for simple workspace
Simple work space, black painted walls with hanging photos. beautiful-object

dark color work space with chalkboard walls
Do you like a work space with a chalkboard wall? modernhepburn
the wall with images is beautiful
Love the color scheme of the colorful images contrast the black walls. a smart way to showcase images in an small workspace. emmas
black walls for work space
A small work space with a black painted wall, love it! interiorsyum

Beautiful Work Spaces

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grid on the wall for work space
Love the grid on the wall. designtraveller
yellow chair for work space
Rustic and industrial work space, like the colors in the space, yellow black and wood. mechantdesign
home office love the wall
Beautiful home office, bright space, inspiring walls. poppytalk
work space lovework space love

work space
black and white modern

letter wall art for work space wall

wall decor of work space
Above 5 photos found on prettypaperthings

Chalkboard wall and bookcase wall

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chalkboard wall
Chalkboard wall, inspiration wall!

Bookcase embedded in the wall, a cozy study space.
Really really love these 2 rooms from David Tsay.

Dream Study Room

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bookcase and study room
A Dream study room for kids, also perfect for adults.
Home’s Study Library study space
Study Library, reading and learning space, all wood building. “Set slightly apart from the rest of the house, the study library in this home by Andrew Maynard Architects, is lined with dark spotted gum wood that has an age and a wisdom about it, that sets the tone for a place of quiet thought and contemplation.” Design: Andrew Maynard Architects, Photography: Peter Bennetts, Found photos on contemporist

Blue geometric pattern on walls and floors

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blue space for work

Blue geometric pattern on walls and floors for work space.  via:

Add shelving for books along the top

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book shelf under ceiling
Books on the top! Creative design! desiretoinspire