Bright Color Schemes—Interior Designer Palmer Weiss

December 5th, 2010 § 0 comments

Palmer Weiss’s design work, most of her works  are in combination style of  traditional and moden design.

Palmer Weiss is a San Francisco-based interior designer. Raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Weiss credits her Southern roots as a major influence on her design aesthetic. She admires the way Southerners embrace their family heritage, formality and tradition in their homes but are also not afraid to express a few of their eccentricities as well. This rich background, combined with 14 years of living in Northern California, has allowed her to develop a unique style that both respects tradition and embraces new ideas. Palmer Weiss

Modern classic, living room, Palmer Weiss Interior Design

Modern classic, living room

Bright Color Schemes

Modern kitchen island, white marble countertops

Modern kitchen island

Love the walls decor

Love the walls decor

The Portfolio of Palmer Weiss Interior Design

bright orange and yellow combination

kids' table

kids’ table



White, Pink and blue, elegant style

White, Pink and blue, elegant style

Country style in pink

Country style in pink! How lovely!

Green, modern classic living room


comfort color scheme

Yellow, blue, and pink, what a comfort color scheme.

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